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What Clients Say About Us

Everyone in our company loves the team. Whenever we have a problem, deltAlyz is ready to solve it with everything they’ve got. Furthermore, their intuition and skill set are both incredibly strong.

Their project management is solid. I can reach out to the team anytime, and they’re always responsive. We use Asana to manage the project, and tracking the project has been pretty straightforward.

They’re a good mix of qualitative and quantitative skills. Furthermore, their solutions are always well thought out — they even take a deep dive into every element to ensure that everything works together seamlessly. Overall, the deltAlyz team has been able to solve all our issues.

deltAlyz Corp. developed two custom software for a water product manufacturer. The first one was for consistent and fast product codes creation. The other one was for a seamless collection of datasheets.

Both projects were launched on time (ahead of time to be honest). Feedback from users was well received. JIMCA project reduced errors by approximately 20% and allowed the product code to be created about 15% quicker than the previous method. OMPA project reduced operation manual creation time by approximately 35%. Also helped prevent use of "out of date" data sheets as web application.

deltAlyz Corp. provides Power BI consultancy. Aside from helping the client use the platform, the team has also created automation and integrations within the platform.

What Clients Say About Us